A souvenir to take: 12 Kyiv-inspired things to take abroad both for kids and adults

A souvenir to take: 12 Kyiv-inspired things to take abroad both for kids and adults

 To help you with an exhausting and time-consuming process of choosing a souvenir from Kyiv, we`ve come up with a list of presents which will satisfy even a choosy traveler.

You`ll learn where to buy a unique present for a good bargain in order to astonish a child as well as an adult!

Kyiv souvenir: coloring book XL “My Kyiv”

The coloring book “My Kyiv” – is a perfect idea not only to entertain a kiddo, but also to amuse an avid adult painter. The size is astonishing. The canvas measures 59 Х 84 cm – big enough to express your creativity.

The coloring book will playfully introduce a child (or an adult) to the famous sights of Kyiv. Small details will contribute to a child`s mastering of drawing skills.

Price: 75.00 UAH
Where to buy in Kyiv: o-kroshka.com.ua

Kyiv souvenir: coloring book XXL “My Ukraine”

The coloring book of the XXL size will be a great present for preschoolers or primary school students. This huge coloring sheet (sized 1189 Х 841 mm) features an amusing story with dozens of small details ready to occupy a child for a whole day.

However, mommy`s free time is not the only perk you get from this souvenir. It will help children enhance their writing skills as well as their knowledge of geography in a playful manner.

Price: 110.00 UAH
Where to buy in Kyiv: o-kroshka.com.ua

Kyiv souvenir: wimmelbilderbuch – puzzle “Kyiv”

The first to be introduced in Ukraine - A wimmelbilderbuch puzzle “Kyiv” is a specific kind of large-format detailed picture book for you to discover numerous characters and invent new stories together with a child.

The puzzle consists of 24 pieces all made up of quality cardboard. The size of the picture is big enough - 100х67 cm which makes it a suitable gift for a toddler.

Price: 375.00 UAH
Where to buy in Kyiv: Хитрий жук

Kyiv souvenir: Kyiv style Lined pad

Kyiv Style website offers a great range of creative notebooks to be brought from Kyiv as a souvenir. E.g., this narrow lined pad will perfectly fit into a small purse while its bright cover and odd stickers will definitely cheer you up every time you take it out to jet down a note.

Price: 275.00 UAH
Where to buy in Kyiv: kyivstyle.com

Kyiv souvenir: Coloring book “Kyiv”

Want to know more about a city? Color it up! This coloring book will capture attention of both children and adults. You can devote yourself to coloring the building of The National Opera of Ukraine or Taras Shevchenko National University. By the way, the stress relieving function of the coloring book is absolutely priceless for any adult.

Price: 60.00 UAH
Where to buy in Kyiv: artbooks.com.ua

Kyiv souvenir: The Firma T-Shirts

Ukrainian clothing brand The Firma has launched a collection of city-inspired T-Shirts named Localz. Kyiv-citizens have already fell in love with the new trend and are happy to share it with those foreigners who know what Troieshchyna, Podil, Obolon, Pechersk or Solomianka are all about.

The Firma T-Shirts with pawky local prints are the excellent alternative to traditional "New York" or "Las Vegas" T-shirts.

Price: от 239.00 UAH
Where to buy in Kyiv: The Firma

Kyiv souvenir: Clan-P T-Shirts

One more typical Kyiv feature– such as legendary Kyiv bakery (Kyivska Perepichka) – is Clan-P T-Shirt. You can order a T-Shirt with classic Kyiv print or choose something a bit more creative as “Кyiv never sleeps” print. A T-Shirt may be a cool souvenir to please a hip friend.

Price: starts from 339.00 UAH
Where to buy in Kyiv: Clan-P

Kyiv souvenir: Set of routes "Krokui! Kyiv » (Walk Kyiv)

An ordinary map is a bit dull. If you don`t feel like being banal, surprise your kids and friends with a set of unique cards marking the routes around Kyiv. They will definitely encourage them to explore the city.

Price: starts from 175.00 UAH
Where to buy in Kyiv: Крокуй. Київ

Kyiv souvenir: Coloring book «A trip to Ukraine»

The coloring depicts the same characters as the series of children`s books “A Trip to Ukraine”. This is a friendly family, which sets off on a trip across Ukraine in a yellow trailer! Your kids can learn a lot about the country together with the funny family. The souvenir also includes the stickers "We were here!" Coloring size: 60 cm by 98 cm

Price: starts from 99.00 UAH
Where to buy in Kyiv: ozzocolor.com

Kyiv souvenir: a map “100+ cool places to see in Kyiv”

A wonderful Kyiv souvenir for those who are new to the city as well as for those who know it`s every corner. The set includes:
• 100+ cool places in Kyiv marked on one map
• 2 tickets for city`s popular events - The Kurazh Bazaar, Ukraine’s biggest charity flea market, and street food festival
• 2 routes proven to make you fall in love with city
• a secret bonus, which you will discover immediately after purchase

Price: starts from 299.00 UAH
Where to buy in Kyiv: Секретный дворик

Kyiv souvenir: Pinat pins

If you are still pondering the issue of souvenir or you are literally lost in a variety of them, opt for the cute pins featuring some ridiculous or bizarre symbols of Ukraine`s capital. They include the Kyiv Cake, Kyiv Bakery ( Kyivska perepichka mentioned as a print for T-Shirts), the Pink Snail (coffelovers will get the point) and definitely Kyiv metro.

Price: 120.00 UAH
Where to buy in Kyiv: PINAT

Kyiv souvenir: Lopata wallets

Compact wallets made from paper using the origami technique can become a truly unique gift. If you are looking for a souvenir, then choose a wallet from the Kyiv collection with some well-known symbols which are sometimes presented in a humorous fashion. E.g., The Motherland Monument with a barbell or Panikovsky Monument with a self-stick. One more surefire option – a wallet with Kyiv metro map.

Price: 180.00 UAH
Where to buy in Kyiv: Lopata

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